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Handy tool for people who are spending lots of time searching various posts
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GGSearch isn’t a tool bar; instead, it’s a very useful search tool filled with applications which turns to be handy for users who spend a lot of time on the internet surfing many different posts, images, news groups, links, news, answers, stocks, viewer, bsd, web, froogle, quotes, directories and much more options in Google.

This software runs a small application that you will start, but it will be independent of your browser. A Google results page will open when you enter a search term.

You can search news, images, groups, stocks and it has many of Google's properties. Many options to choose from, such as: Safe search, relevance filter, and the time period used for the search.

You must select the Enable custom browser option if you're not using the IE mode, because in that case other default browser will open the result page.

Search in 27 languages and 66 languages for viewing the results. You can select from 20 search criterias and make it suitable for you by customizing it.

GGSearch gives you the possibility to translate a web page or to try a number of other Google’s goodies, such as "I’m feeling lucky". Viewing the results will be through the window of your default browser.

You can also customize this search tool easily so it can work suitably for you in your favorite browser.

Luis Sanchez
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